10 Romantic Movies Men Secretly Love

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Romantic films aren’t just silly mushy entertainers. If you truly want to know what falling in love is all about then go ahead and watch a few romantic flicks. What’s more, these movies also give you an insight into what women feel about love and romance. Learn a thing or two about love from these 10 romantic films we’ve picked. Each of the movies on our list has a moral telling you about love.

  1. Casablanca

If you truly want to see the one you love happy, there are times that you have to let go of her. That’s what this 1940s gem of a movie is all about. Let her go if you truly care for her and make a gracious exit.

  1. Pretty Woman

This wonderful film teaches you to look beyond the surface and reach deeper to love the person in her. Don’t be misled by the first impression. There’s every chance that you fall in love with the girl you were otherwise most unlikely to love.

  1. Gone With the Wind

This classic is a lesson in not taking your love for granted. Don’t ever take advantage of your woman or you might just lose her forever. There are times when you understand the worth of a person after she’s gone forever.

  1. Brokeback Mountain

This movie tells us how true love can tear you apart from your love forever. There are sacrifices that you have to make. Again, the movie also tells you that you can’t always choose the person you fall in love with.

  1. Before Sunrise

You never know when love comes calling. Yes, it might just be waiting around the corner and you have no inkling of it. You should always read the signals or you might just lose your love forever.

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

You never know who you fall in love with. That’s why do take a risk or two. You may find love from the person you least expected to. Go ahead. Try out a blind date. You never know, the person who turns up might just be the person you were waiting for.

  1. The Bridges of Madison County

There are times when you do find your love but can’t hold on to her. Yes, it’s heartbreaking but true. No matter how deeply you may have loved her, the two of you just have to drift apart.

  1. Dirty Dancing

If you truly love your girl, there are times you might have to be tenacious and hang on. You may face hurdles, but with passion and grit, you can overcome them.

  1. Ghost

Ghost tells you that love is everlasting if you truly feel deeply for your girl. The memories stay on forever and your love stays alive deep within you.

  1. It Happened One Night

Yes, love might throw you challenges at you. You have just got to follow your heart and be with the woman you long for, even if that means the girl rushing to you from the altar abandoning her fiancé.


Love is the purest form of emotion. Your love is close to your heart. Strengthen and deepen your bonding with your girl with these amazing movies.


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