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2020 Fashion Tips That Guys Everywhere Must Pay Attention To

2020 Fashion Tips That Guys Everywhere Must Pay Attention To

Men and fashion don’t usually go together. In fact, many guys out there would choose comfort over style any day of the week. When it comes to menswear, some can pull off a simple and effortless chic vibe with the clothes they wear. But most are just plain clueless on the dos and don’ts of fashion, therefore making them susceptible to committing style mistakes that can make them look tacky, careless or even ridiculous.

Now, are you one of those guys? If so, keep on reading because listed below are some juicy tips for mens fashion that can help you amp up your style game this 2017. Some of them can also give you ideas on what to wear so can look effortlessly cool all year long. And with that being said, here they are.

  • Burn The Crocs & Fanny Pack
  • Believe it or not, there are still guys out there who shameless wear Croc sandals and fanny packs in public. Crocs in general have lost their luster and should only be worn by Granddads in their 70s. Fanny packs on the other hand, are very tricky to pull off. Unless you’re a biker or a rider or a hiker who wants to keep all the necessary small stuff within reach, this is something you need to stay away from. Fanny pack as a fashion piece for men is just downright ridiculous and laughable. It can make you look like a dad, and not the sexy kind that women often dream of.


  • Suede it Up
  • Suede is big in the fashion world these days. It can quickly elevate your style without making you look like you’re trying hard. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a jacket, a suit, trousers or even a shirt, this material can make you come off as a guy with an expensive fashion taste.


  • Keep The Printed Shirts
  • Printed shirts are of course, a staple in a guy’s wardrobe. But this 2017, experts recommended to implement it in layers to provide contrasts and still evoke some sort of nostalgia at the same time. Try partnering your favorite printed shirt with a pair of chinos and a pair of boots for that British-rock guy looks that girls dig a lot. And instead of the usual denim jacket on shirt combo, try using a coat or a suit instead.


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