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3 Common Dating Mistakes That Guys Do

3 Common Dating Mistakes That Guys Do

Some people say guys are naturally gifted in the dating department, that they just know what to do to sweep a woman off her feet and make her fall in love head over heels. Well, for some that is true. But for most, dating is a process where a couple of mistakes can be expected. Dating is indeed a tricky period of time where you and your lady love are still trying to get to know each other as well as possible. It’s a stage where the slightest error can turn your partner’s feelings off and ruin everything you have built so far.

That’s why it’s important to know and recognize a dating mistake before you make one and she gets away. Luckily, some of those said dating errors are written right below. And on that note, here they are.

  • Not Making A Plan Beforehand
  • One of the worst things you can do, especially if it’s your first time to go out is to have her take the dominant role in your date. You’re the guy; you should have planned the entire date long before you left your house or apartment. And besides, having a plan shows that you can make decisions. The ladies dig that.
  • Coming Off As Extremely Eager
  • Some girls find it cute when guys are excited to go on a date with them. However, being overly excited is not good at all. Coming off as extremely eager or super enthusiastic can turn her off. Dial the excitement down and play it cool. Or else, it might be your first and last date.
  • Moving Too Fast
  • Now this one has got to be the most common mistake available out there. Taking it slow, especially during early stages of dating is a good thing for it builds up the excitement, the anticipation, and let the feelings grow on a normal pace. Ladies like guys who are after their heart, not on the sweet spot in between their legs. Show her that she’s important before taking your budding relationship into another level.
  • SIDENOTE: Try not to be on your cell phone the entire time, so by the end of the date your more worried about a phone charger then a good night kiss.

Those are three of the most common mistakes that guys do. Keep these in mind and you will surely have a great love life.


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