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7 Fashion Trends This Fall For Men

7 Fashion Trends This Fall For Men

If you think that only women have the monopoly over fashion, you are sadly mistaken! Today, there are many top international designers like Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Donatella Versace , etc, who are orchestrating the fashion symphony. Fashion changes from season to season.

Be a fashionable man and follow trends for autumn 2016:

  1. Colors of autumn – The traditional shades of the season are blacks, dark greens, greys and navies. Copper and camel are stand outs and you can also opt for rich, orangey-brown shades. Grey is an earth tone and blends well as a sweater over jeans also looks great. You can mix and match. An array of muted and bold colors makes your day.
  2. Vogue in male outerwear – Making an outstanding appearance this season is the duffle coat. Innovative features that bolster the design are extension of the sleeves length or shortening it by chopping the sleeves off or cutting it from plasticized material. Purchase an additional sleek leather bomber jacket to complete your outfit.
  3. Shiny fabrics are in- Feel like a rajah wearing silk shirts. They are always a favorite as silk materials are soft and comfy to wear. Ride on the trend by slipping a silk shirt under your suit and your leather trousers. With a silken or nylon outerwear such as bombers and parka, you will be a stand out anywhere.
  4. Shoe-wear this season – Chunkier shoes are the style. If you like loafer or used to a lace-up kind, you have to get used to a bulkier pair. Your soles will be thicker, more stacked and rubberized. Wear those glorious hiking boots with everything from tailored to tracksuit trousers. They will have bigger, with exploded buckles and fringes.
  5. Funneled necklines- This has always been in the fashion scene. You will still see much of rollneck but there will be a variation. Morph will be funneled or its mock neck will be a bit lower that will be a rollneck minus the roll. It comes in either zip-up or slip-over form. Your funnel neckline sweater under a new slouchy coat with jeans gives that maximum chic effect.
  6. Trousers are on the loose -.You will be seeing less of the tight or slim trousers and see more of the loose ones that are more comfortable. Slim guys will look sexy when they slip on a pair of flares, looser wool trousers that are wider at the thigh and foot. For those with extra pounds, they will find these loose trousers easy to wear as vast majority of the trousers have elasticated waist.
  7. The pyjama look -There are definitely some bold innovations of the way pyjama set of shirt and trousers appears on the ramp. It does not look out of place but definitely a clincher as they are designed to match an inner layer of dark turtleneck shirt. The silk pyjama look made a fashion statement during the parade of 2016 models on the ramp.

For the fashionable male style, it means looking good. Men should not just aspire to be trendy; they have to be unique. Know the trend but opt for your own style. This takes you one step closer to become the man you want to be.


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