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The ABCs Of Taking Great Photos

The ABCs Of Taking Great Photos

Photography is considered as an art form in its own right. It is a means through which professional and amateur photographers alike can express themselves and share their view of the world with the world. Taking beautiful photos involves more than just being at the right place at the right time. While photographers may sometimes stumble onto amazing photo moments, most times a lot of planning is required in order to achieve that breath taking photo that will make all other photographers in your photography niche jealous.

Conceptualize Your Photo

As mentioned before, beautiful photos rarely happen by chance. Before embarking on a photography adventure it is important to stop and think about it for a minute and answer a few questions. What is the purpose of the photo you are trying to take? What do you want to feature in the image? Do you need props for this particular shot? If so, what purpose will the prop(s) serve? Where would you like to take the photo? Who is the target audience of the photo(s). All these questions are important in helping you figure out what you need for a successful photographic adventure.

Plan Your Shots

Now that you have answered what and why of your shots, it is time to tackle the how. Here consider more technical aspects of your shots. Depending on the desired outcome, you need to think about the time of day you would want to take your photos (if shooting outdoors that is) or how you would like to set up you lights (if doing an indoor shoot). Think of other things that you will need for your photo session to be successful. Will you require models or is the subject of your photo inanimate? If the latter is true is it easily accessible or do you have to outsource or purchase it. If shooting outdoors, you will need to acquire the necessary permission to use your ideal location. This includes permission to publish the photos or to use them in your portfolio.

Do A Test Run

Now that you know the what, why, and how, it is time for you to do a test run of your concept. If you are doing an outdoor shoot, you can scout your preferred location and identify places to take the different shots before hand. Doing this allows you to have a better feel of the lay of the land and makes work much easier on the material day of the shoot. Doing a test run of your concept, whether indoors or outdoors, allows you to see the bits that are likely to fail and make changes well in advance.

Click Away

Once all these steps have been covered, you can now comfortably go on your photography adventure and take those amazing shots. Remember to have fun while at it.



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