Barrington Watch Winder For Hardcore Watch Lovers

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Winding the automatic watch at regular intervals, so that it keeps running, is the one downside that you can do without if you love to wear one.  Most of the automatic timepieces need the wearer to perform the daily task of winding the watch without fail so that the internal engine keeps running.

Once that’s taken care of, the wonderful accessory becomes a personal talisman for many. An automatic watch winder is just the thing someone who is horologically inclined needs. It’s not a luxury but a necessity especially if you possess multiple automatic watches because it can be an arduous task to keep all of them wound and running.

The  watch winder launched by Barrington, a British company has solved the problem for watch enthusiasts. The single watch winder from Barrington can wind one watch at a time and is well-crafted and affordable. A team of Britain-based designers have developed the watch winder at Hoffi and Conka Design for Barrington.

It was launched recently after months of designing and intense testing. The months of exercise has resulted in several modifications and improvements like the ultra-quiet Mabuchi motor of Japanese make and a few other features to help conserve the battery life of the device. Barrington has launched a range of watch winders in 2012 that can wind two, four, six or even twelve watches at a time.

The single watch winder from Barrington, however, takes the cake as the greatest option among them all due to its surprisingly smart looks and smooth functioning. You can power it by plugging it into an electricity outlet or by batteries. The compact sizing and functional design are very attractive and the designers have ensured that the sharp looking device fits into all spaces.

The most of the watches fit into the adjustable cushion, it’s certainly geared to hold the ones that have an extra large wrist. The winder has a motor that is indeed reliable and quiet. Overall, if you buy one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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