A Quick Guide to Becoming a Professional Hunter

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When I actually decided I wanted to become a licensed pro hunter, some friends and family thought I had gone off the deep end. But I did it anyway. It’s the circle of life plain and simple.

It’s a tricky industry to break into mind you, but possible. Your initial training may be hard to get, then after that the hardest part is seasoned experience with more deadly game.

A decent place to start would be the South African Professional Hunting Academy. They have fallen under harsh criticism at times but I still recommend them. If your a novice looking for the training that’s needed, start here.  Note that unless you actually reside in South Africa you will not be able to get licensed through them, only training.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you want to pursue this professionally, it should be safe to assume you have basic weapon and hunting experience, because if not you will just embarrass yourself attending one of these academies. I doubt anyone who has never even held a gun wakes up one morning and decides to do this. Good luck.



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