Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Sneakers

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In a man’s world, watches, belts and of course shoes are tell-tales of a man’s taste and class. Wearing men’s shoes the right way is much more than just matching shoe colors and fabrics to their belts.  You have to think about the type of shoe you are wearing and what outfit you are matching it with. While dress shoes are a safe bet, stepping out of this comfort zone and venturing into the world of sneakers could work wonders for your look. There are, however, a few rules to wearing sneakers that are unknown by most people or are simply ignored. Allow us to shed some light on some of the most basic ones.

Understand Your Sneakers

All sneakers may look the same to an inexperienced eye save for their color and size. The truth is there are different types of sneaker styles that work well with different outfits.  Low top sneakers (those that do not go past your ankles) are suitably paired with a more casual look, preferably one that incorporates shorts, while high top sneakers (those that extend over your ankles) are more suited for a sporty look. Lace less sneakers also known as slip-ons are also suited for a casual, laid back look.   The general design of sneakers aside, you also need to understand the sneaker styles that are out there. The most common styles are the minimal sneakers (simple, low cut sneakers usually in monochromatic colors or in black or white or a combination of both), the retro sneakers (resemble running shoes from back in the day), active sneakers (these are primarily meant for the gym and will do well as a regular day time look) and the ugly sneakers (they have more of an awkwardly futuristic look to them).

Pair Your Sneakers With The Right Outfit

As mentioned earlier, men’s shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit. When paired with the right outfit, they have a way of completing just about any look. Believe it or not, sneakers can be paired perfectly with a suit. Go for a minimal style sneaker when wearing a well tailored suit and break the suit-dress shoe monotony. When going for a smart casual look, consider throwing on a pair of either low cut or retro sneakers. These easily blend in with most casual looks and can even be used to add a bit of color to the outfit. Active and ugly sneakers are best suited when looking to nail that urban look.




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