Caught Cheating – Can You Win Her back?

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Are relationships mendable like broken fences? Is there a way on how to get your ex back after cheating?

Scientific studies on human nature established many reasons why lovers cheat but these three facts are common: (1) many people are addicts on relationship that they just have to fall in love when opportunity shows up; (2) lack of self-understanding & self-confidence; and (3) inability to realize that passion between two individuals fades in time so they seek for new partners to rekindle that passion.

Factors to determine how to get your ex back after cheating:

  1. The amount of time, effort and energy given to the relationship. Being together for only a few months will not hurt much compared to being together for a couple of years. If your bonding involved a great deal of love, then chances are good for getting back. However, if your time together has been unstable, then infidelity might as well be the straw that broke the back of the camel.
  2. The degree of the infidelity is important. Was the act just a harmless flirtation or going all the way with someone new? If the degree of disloyalty is serious, there is very little or no more hope for reconciliation.
  3. The ability to see that there is still something in the relationship worth saving. It is important to look at the willingness of the couple to start from scratch or the feeling of hopelessness that they have reached the point of no return.

Texting messages have the power to help you get your ex back after cheating:

This is your best option, if you instigated the break up but want to get your partner back or you were abandoned by the significant other and you want him/her back. At the onset, you might waver on the effectivity of texting as you cannot find words to express a sincere apology. Remember that texting is a powerful tool.

Expert relationship coach James Dougherty of, recommends to the exes reading the positive effect of texting 3 messages from Michael Fiore’s book – Text Your Ex Back 2.0. You should not waste time on how to get your ex back after cheating for long interval might be construed as disrespectful or someone better than you might come along the way. If your ex finds a new attraction, getting back will be a failure. Text that message now; the first three are crucial.

Text # 1 – Preliminary text is for the purpose of getting a reply. The answer might be friendly, in- between or cruel and vindictive. Regardless of the reply, the process has started.

Text # 2 – The purpose is to receive an actual answer. At least the exchange has moved from zero to something. Any amount of response will go a long way to bolster future relationship.

Text # 3 – After the second text, something is likely to happen. That might culminate to actual meeting to thresh out things. Getting to set up the date might take hours or even days but the process has started.

Whatever awaits both of you in the end is the result of your endeavor. The important thing is for you to be proactive – act now on how to get your ex back after cheating!



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