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Choosing The Right Cigar

Choosing The Right Cigar

Smoking cigars is probably something that is deemed to be a rich man’s affair. They have certainly craved their way into films and society as being a luxury item to be enjoyed by the elite and wealthy. Whether you fall into this category or not, smoking one of these bad boys can be a relaxing experience like no other. In order to enjoy it however, you need to be smoking a good quality cigar. Low quality or dried cigars will end up ruining your experience with choking smoke and a bitter taste in your mouth. How then do you differentiate between a good and a bad cigar?

Check the Wrapper

The wrapper of a cigar is basically its housing unit. Cracks on the walls of an otherwise well built house soon are an indication of substandard building. In the same way cracks appearing on the wrapper of a cigar are a sign of poor quality. The color of the wrapper is also an indicator of its quality. You generally want to buy and smoke an even colored cigar and not one with a patchy color scheme to it.

Beware of The Smell

The smell of a cigar is almost always a sign of good taste. When you are shopping for a cigar, put it to your nose without its external wrapper and take a good whiff of it. A pleasing or appealing smell is bound to result into an enjoyable taste.

How Packed Is It?

A good quality cigar should be well filled with tobacco. Should you hold a cigar and feel that it has points of weakness or that it is not firm all the way then this is not a good cigar to spend money on.

How Dry Is It?

A dry cigar is a bad cigar. Cigars should always be maintained in a moist condition. This keeps the wrapper from cracking and the oils in the tobacco leaves from evaporating. The oils are important when it comes to releasing that flavor which we so enjoy.  A dry cigar is flaky when touched. A good quality cigar that is properly moistened will feel somewhat spongy when you touch the bottom end. Where the cigar’s wrapper is not cracked, or the oils are not yet evaporated, then you can always rehydrate it. This process however takes time so do not be in a hurry.


You’re allowed to spoil yourself once in a while so why not enjoy smoking cigars as one of the few pleasures we have in life.


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