Choosing The Right Aftershave

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What is an aftershave? An aftershave is the product applied right after shaving, providing relief from irritation, moisturizing effects, and serves as skin protection as well. Your skin would benefit well just by simply using the product that best suits you.

Aftershaves come in 2 general forms, splashes and balms. Splashes usually contain astringents, toners, hydrosols, or a combination of the three. These ingredients give the skin antibacterial protection. Splash aftershaves are ideal for those who live in places with humid climates or those with oily skin. Balms, on the other hand, are heavier and typically serves as moisturizer, too.

Choosing and Using Aftershave

Choosing the aftershave you will use will generally depend on your skin type. Here are the guidelines in choosing the right aftershave for your type of skin:

Normal Skin

If you have smooth, clear skin, with smooth texture and barely visible pores, then you have normal skin. Any aftershave product may suit you, but make sure to use a nice facial wash to keep your skin’s great condition.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin tends to itch or experience breakouts when using certain skin products, such as an aftershave. Fortunately, there are aftershave products that are especially made for sensitive skin.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is characterized by rough, dull skin that is prone to cracking and peeling. The best product for this type of skin is a moisturizing aftershave. A gentle facial wash and a night moisturizer can help improve your skin’s texture, as well.


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