Color Changing Shoes by Asics

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Any chance you remember Global Hypercolor? If you were born after 1990 chances are you don’t. In the early 90’s it was huge fashion phenom that generated tens of millions of dollars in sales what seemed like overnight. What was it, well it was basically a line of clothing that literally changed color from the heat. It was huge in T shirts and shorts, but just like that, like many fashion trends, it died down with the cold. Now, the sneaker company Asics is taking that idea and infusing it into a new line of sneakers, aptly called Chameleoid.

Clearly the original genius (pardon the sarcasm) behind this original name (again sorry) had the famed color changing lizard in mind.

None the less they are comfortable and light. Two makes have been released so far, the Gel-Runner and Gel-Kayano Trainer Evo. The shoes have a lizard like personality and of course change colors depending on the temperature and angle.

Will they be the next fashion phenom…..I think you know my answer.


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