Common Mistakes That Men Make On First Dates

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First dates are very important because of a lot of things. Not only because it’s your first and most important chance to impress your prospect, but it’s also an effective window of opportunity to see if there are sparks in the air or you two just got carried away when you first met. But regardless of that, going on a first date with the lady you admire a lot can be very nerve-racking. A lot of things can happen, and over thinking about all the possibilities can increase your chances of screwing it up. But if done right, first dates are a great way for you to get to know your lady love. And if there are indeed sparks, it might even result into a full blown relationship. However, there are a lot of mistakes that most of us guys do during the first date. Things that can quickly lead things to go south, and you don’t want that right? Speaking of those mistakes, here are some of the most common errors that men should avoid making during the first date.

  • Being Late – Regardless of your reason, coming in late has just been unacceptable. Dude, that’s like one of the biggest irreversible mistakes that you can commit. It’s all about first impressions, start that by coming early.
  • Not Forming A Plan Before Hand – Another big mistake you must never commit if you want to guarantee a second date is to go on the first one without a plan. If you have to form an itinerary for the night, then you should. Girls love guys that are organized, if you’re not, then it’s time to be one.
  • Overselling It – Yes, we know how to appreciate a woman’s beauty. But come on man, a few compliments about how beautiful she is should be enough to last the whole night. No need to go on the remind-her-she’s-pretty-every-five-minutes stage because the two of you aren’t in a relationship yet.
  • Don’t Jump To Other Bases Yet – One of the most common mistakes that some guys do is that they already want to move fast. You’re still in the first date man. Keep in mind that you’re still in the getting-to-know phase and no physical or sexual activity should be done unless both of you consent to it.


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