Dating Mistakes That Most Guys Still Make

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It’s no secret that when it comes to dating, everyone will make a mistake at some point. And that’s okay, as long as the lesson brought by it will be learned and absorbed so that the mistake itself won’t be committed again for the second time. However, it looks like not everyone has received that memo.

Guys can sometimes come off as obnoxious, jerk and insensitive during the dating phase of a relationship. It can be attributed to either their nature or their dominant persona. But there are also times where it can be blamed on the fact that many are still in the dark when it comes to identifying the most common dating mistakes that can ruin everything. Learning what these mistakes are and avoiding them can help in making sure that the dating process will evolve into a full blown relationship. And on that note, here are some dating mistake examples.

  • Not Having A Proper Plan
  • Winging it won’t work anymore. Modern women love a smart man that can make and handle his own decisions. Most guys ask their dates where they want to go, don’t be like them. Establish a plan before the date and stick to it. Dating experts also recommend a plan B in case something unexpected happens and the first one falls apart.


  • Phone’s Strong Presence In The Date
  • Spending too much time on the phone during dates will make any woman in their right mind stand up and leave as quickly as possible. This is a jerk move, one that can make any guy look an instant douche and insensitive.


  • Lack Of Confidence
  • When it comes to dating, self-confidence plays an important part. Though some women find shy guys adorable, many are more attracted to confident guys that can sweep them off their feet with just a single smile.


  • Being Overly Serious & Intense
  • The dating phase is a fun process where two people can know each other. Though there will be serious conversations every now and then, it is important to show one’s chill and fun side to make date lighter and more comfortable. Don’t take thing seriously and quickly. Just pull back and let the natural attraction play its part in strengthening the understanding and love aspects of the budding relationship.
  • Try not to go on and on about your own career, be confident and proud yes, but let her talk about herself and what she does for a living…chances are her career is far more interesting anyway.


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