Do Men Still “Court” Women

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Courtship is the act of trying to win over the feelings of a person and start a romantic relationship. The courting rules and process differs from place to place. It is affected by nationality, customs, religion and beliefs. Although if differs from place to place, here are some overall rules that applies to all.

  • Making sure of your feelings: It is advisable for a man to try and find out if his feelings are true. A man courting someone he doesn’t really love or like, will only be a waste of time.
  • Court one at a time: A man’s undivided time and effort will be focused on one person will give him a higher chance of to succeed. This will also develop faithfulness in the relationship.
  • Enter courtship with marriage in mind: Courtship is not considered dating. It is a process of winning over a woman for a long term relationship leading to marriage. If a man is not considered marriage, then it is better to back-out.
  • Make time for each other: Courtship involves having time in spite of hectic schedules. It is a way to keep communication and intimacy with each other.
  • Make time for each other’s family: A man should make time for the woman’s family in order to familiarize and connect with them and vice versa.
  • Intimacy: Physical and emotional intimacy is important, but men should know when to cross the line. Men should ask for the limitations of the partner to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Plan things together: Men should try to plan together with their special someone. It will avoid plans that will cause conflict with each other.
  • Avoiding the temptation: Avoid acts that will endanger the relationship such as cheating. Cheating destroys trust leading to a split up.


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