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Do You Sweat More Then Normal?

Do You Sweat More Then Normal?
Man looking at sweat under his arms

For some girls it can be a big turn off.

A rising temperature turns on your sweating faucet. Without perspiring, you are a dead goose. The body sweats in response to its in-built heat-regulation system. As mercury ascends, your heart rate increases to cool your body by pumping out water.

Men have the propensity to sweat profusely.  His best option is to find proper remedies to reduce perspiring to comfortable levels. Women don’t appreciate the scent of sweat. Women are attracted to pheromones emanating from males but it is almost odorless. If men want to attract women up close to whiff pheromones, then they should try to be sweat-free – or at least be newly sweaty.

Here are simple suggestions to avoid being turned off by women due to your smell:

  1. Choose cotton fabrics

Hot weather accelerates sweating and may even lead to allergies as folliculitis. Select fabrics that are comfortable and kind to your skin. Cotton fabrics are airy and minimize sweating.

  1. Reduce coffee breaks

Your coffee habits in summer might affect your biochemistry. Caffeine in your nervous system signals your body that it is under threat so you sweat in response. Minimize on coffee and substitute it with healthy iced tea or caffeine-free espresso that is more refreshing.

  1. Good bye to spicy foods

Spicy food acts in a similar way to caffeine making you sweat and it stinks. As curry-substitute, opt for curry high in coconut or regular cream that reduced the effect of the chillies.

  1. No more oily face

Cosmetic products, like waxes, make you sweat and develop spots on the forehead. As alternative, try a skin light cream or a little bit of hair conditioner. It is better use a skincare routine following weather cndition.

  1. Stinky underarm alert

Perspiration makes your armpit stinks. Some deodorant scents hide the odor but it remains while others are short-lived and ineffective. Choose an aluminum-free deodorant that will eliminate the odor. For stronger variety, use deodorant that has been specifically formulated to combat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

  1. Shave-off unwanted body hair

Body hair causes sweating and can be a serious problem. Best remedy is to shave your armpit and facilitates the use of deodorants. Apply talcum for a refreshing feel.

  1. Use of perfumes

Good grooming is necessary to create that macho effect. Perfume does not eliminate bad odors; they just cover them up and the foul smells return when the scent fades. There are good perfumes for men to use when they smell fresh and clean. The best perfume for men have scents exuding the darkness, excessive mascular scents, smoky and woody, and a rich feel about them


Men are deluding themselves when they believe that their ‘macho’, sweaty body-odor attracts women. Sweaty male is attractive to women when they produce fresh sweat and change their clothes every 20 minutes to eliminate any trace of the oxidized sweat.  Oxidized sweat repels so it is wise for them to eliminate body if they want to be attractive. Maybe humans should have a better understanding how smell affect men-women relationships; how it improves bonding and brings to a higher level of relationship.


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