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First Date: Top Men’s Colognes

First Date: Top Men’s Colognes
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When going on a first date, you should be in your best form to impress the girl and secure a second meet up that can lead to more special things. But in order to do that, you can’t just think about what clothes you are going to wear, but also how you will present yourself such as what hairstyle you are going to do and what perfume are you going to use.

Girls are suckers for guys who smell good. And wearing the right scent on your first date will greatly increase your chances of having a second one. On that note, are you going on a first date and you have no idea what perfume are you going to wear? Then check out some of the hottest perfume picks for guys who are going on a first date.

  • The Tom Ford Extreme For Men
  • This perfume contains the following four notes; vanilla, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. According to famous perfumer Karyn Khoury, these four ingredients can make a very sensual scent that is very appealing to the opposite sex.
  • The Azzaro Chrome
  • This has been one of the top brands for men perfume due to its lasting smell even if you’re exposed to different surroundings all throughout the day. Some of its notes are rosemary and citrus.
  • The Euphoria by Calvin Klein
  • The spicy and woodsy scent of this perfume is not only perfect for candlelight romantic dates, it is also good for when you two need to go dancing. It has a cool smell to it that can make her cuddle you.
  • The Lacoste Noir
  • Another perfect scent for sporty guys. This well known perfume can do you wonders whether your date is situated in a park or at some intimate place.


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