Fishing Tips: Using The Right Hooks

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A well-loved man sports is fishing but for others, it is a livelihood. Various tools are indispensable as hooks, nets, boats, etc. Choosing the right hook contributes to your success and strings of fish to bring home.

Fish hooks are used for catching fish and have been used since thousands and thousands of years ago. Through time, hooks’ materials and elements in the developments have changed and today hooks are made of steel that first appeared after the sixteenth century.

Hooks have barbed edges that captured fish and served as deterrent to keep them from escaping the hook. Various parts of the hook are: a base ensnare eye that is a point where the hook is joined with a line; shank is significantly the straight portion of a hook that is joined to the eye though designs are different hooks are supposed to be straight; bend; point and barb.

Options in fishing hooks

  • Hooks according to the type of fish. For instance, you choose big hooks for big fish in the sea.
  • Hooks according to the ways of entertainment. For instance, to practice catch and release, you should use circle hooks.
  • Hooks according to the baits. For instance, you should utilize the hook shank of the barb with live bait.

Three different types of hooks

  1. Single hook is the basic type;
  2. Double hook is the sort of hooks that have one eye but a couple of conjoining shanks.
  3. Treble hook has colored feathers that are fixed on bait that recreates up the prey of the catch intended. A treble hook ensures that the fish does not escape but the only disadvantage is that the fish you capture might be damaged to some extent.

Hooks for fishing

Small hooks are best. Some anglers use big hooks that are too large especially when using live worms for fishing and have to hook them over and over again creating is called worm ball. Worms in fishing are not the main concern that is why small hooks sizes 6, 8, or 10 are ideal when using worms for fishing.

Always use sharp hooks. Either sharpen or change them regularly. This is imperative if you are fishing fish in areas where your bait is likely to hit bottom or other underwater debris like when you prefer drift fishing in rivers.

Many anglers use big fishing hooks and try to thread their worm onto said hook rather than using a set of gang hooks. Small hooks are effective to catch very large fish. Just tie your fish hook properly

Even if your rods are all lined up and you are using the most expensive and the longest net, you are still away from making that catch if you do not know how to tie a proper knot. You should learn how to tie a proper knot for fishing. Tying knot in any way is a risk as it will possibly be undone while you are fishing or the line will be bitten and cut off by itself.

Fishing is a stress-reliever especially for busy men. It is not as expensive as other sports and it is great to bring home some prized catch for dinner.


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