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Five Exotic Asian Foods To Increase The Male Libido

Five Exotic Asian Foods To Increase The Male Libido

There are certain foods in Asia that fire up your sex life. Depending on your taste buds, you may not consider all of them good meals mind you. It appears that Asian males are not avid users of Viagra or other sex stimulants as they have their own source from nature. If you are eager to improve your bedroom gymnastics to delight your partner then do not have qualms in including these exotic dishes as part of your meal.

Exotic Asian foods that increase the male libido are:

  1. Balut

This Filipino delicacy is described as fertilized duck egg containing developed embryo inside. It is boiled and eaten from the shell. Balut vendors roamed the streets at night to peddle this fare.

Folks claimed that balut is a cure for weak and shaky knee for the knee stands as the body’s energy level and constitution. The aphrodisiac effect results from lots of calories, protein, calcium and cholesterol from consuming the egg. Filipinos   regards balut as the most available source to increase the sex drive as you can buy it almost anywhere on the streets of major cities and towns.

  1. Bird’s nest soup

This Chinese cuisine comes from white-nest swiftlet and the black-nest swiftlet Made from hardened saliva of these birds made the best soup ever. Bird’s Nest Soup has been part China’s royal cuisine for centuries. When dissolved in water, birds’ nests become gelatinous texture and is concocted into either salty or sweet soup.

The food is so rich in nutrients traditionally believed to provide an array of health benefits and as a rich source of sex stimulant.

  1. Monkey Brains

Monkey brains are consumed by many people around the world. Despite implementation of laws making the practice illegal, monkey brains are eaten as natural cure for erectile dysfunction. In fact many people enjoy eating the brains of the monkey while the animal is still alive.

It makes the male horny and ready for any encounter but you have the risk of acquiring Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an illness similar to Mad Cow.

  1. Cobra Blood

Although it is part of fine dining, men look for something to rev up their libido. In many parts of Asia, especially in China, life-sustaining liquid  from cobras is believed to get the eater’s blood pumping and becoming sexually stimulated.

Drinking cobra blood is a Cantonese tradition dating back to the Han Dynastic. Catching snakes kill hundreds of people each year. Aficionados consume the blood as pure or mixed with alcohol—either way, the drink has floating choice bits of flesh.

  1. Fugu

Fugu or blow fish is a poisonous sea-dwellers, prized for aphrodisiac. It looks ugly and deadly. However, Asian chefs are licensed to prepare the toxic ocean resident. Its passion-inducing power awakens tingling sensations after eating the nontoxic part of its body, while others insist that the snake-soaked testicles are the true prize.

This food is served in restaurants all over Japan and it cost from $100–$200 per dish.


As you can see, there are plenty of aphrodisiacs available for you to enjoy. Cultures around the world have been doing it for centuries and now you can prepare one right in your own kitchen. It would be an exciting experiment!


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