Lame Excuses Men Give Once Caught Cheating

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Cheating is wrong, plain and simple. If you’re in a committed relationship and one of you cheat, that should be it, game over. That being said, we have some pretty lame ass excuses sometimes once caught. Here are a few:

-I wanted to get caught, I’ve wanted this relationship to be over for months now anyway 

-Don’t worry baby, she’s just my friend

-It’s your fault I cheated in the first pace

-She was in a bad place, I felt sorry for her just wanted to comfort her

-I had a few too many that night, I honestly don’t remember

-(On Back Scratches) Oh, those, that’s from scratching my back with a back scratcher 

-My ring was still on, so it meant nothing

-I was going to ask you first but your not open enough to have said yes

-She seduced me, its her fault

-I thought we were on a break

-I was pretty sure you cheated first 



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