Great Grooming Secrets For Men

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20 years ago it may not have seemed as important, but these days most women like their man maintained and groomed. Combine that with the fact that society and social media (yes the selfie) have made men much more aware and self conscious and we have ourselves a grooming revolution. Looking and smelling great are normally what women are looking for, though some women to prefer a hairy smelly man. But for the most part, groomed is good.

Your hair is of course ranked toward the top of the list when it comes to being well groomed. You want a haircut that suits your facial characteristics. Just because you think a hair style looks great on someone else does not mean it will look good on you. And please, if your balding accept it gracefully or shave it all off. NO comb overs.

Facial hair is just as important as the hair on your head. You need to go with a look that suits your face. If you choose a beard, maintain it, trim it, shampoo it, a messy beard is not appealing to most. And if you’re still rocking those Elvis burns do yourself a favor, grab a razor and shave them off now, don’t even read the next paragraph.

Aside from the obvious, you want to take it a step further. Make sure your nails are well groomed at all times, and maintain them. These days its not uncommon to see a man sitting in an esthetician’s office getting a mani or pedi.




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