The Most Horrendous Things Guys Should Stop Wearing

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Guys who dress like they’re fresh from the runway will surely capture not just the hot ladies attention but each and everyone’s they pass by. Guys who struggle with their personal style will capture attention as well, but not the good kind. Let’s face it; men and fashion are not the best of friends. Though a huge chunk of the male population is fashionable, a bigger chunk is as clueless to it as they are with periods and pregnancy. Guys who have poor fashion taste have lesser chances of establishing a successful and solid social life.

If you’re one of those guys then keep on reading because this article will talk about some of the biggest fashion sins that guys everywhere commit. And with here are some of them.

  • Cargo Shorts
  • Unless you’re a jungle explorer or an archaeologist, then you should get rid of these. Cargo shorts are so early 2000’s, gone are the days where you’ll see them being rocked by fashion industry’s most popular male models.
  • Strappy Sandals/Crocs with Socks
  • Seriously, guys who wear these should be banned from the streets. Dude, if you’re wearing socks with your sandals then you’re making yourself look old and quite frankly, ridiculous. Socks are made to be hidden inside the shoes or your trousers. Showing them off with your sandals is definitely a turn off for many ladies.
  • Shirts With Massive Logos
  • Sure, printed tees are nice. But going overboard with it is a big no-no. Wearing a shirt or any piece of clothing with a massive print on it captures everyone’s attention. Some might like what you have but probably, most won’t. Stay out of society’s judgmental eyes by not putting on a shirt that makes you look like a walking advertisement of some clothing brand.
  • Too-tight skinny jeans
  • Some guys can pull off the skinny jeans but many cannot. And that’s because they can’t find the right fit. Wearing too-tight skinny jeans is a fashion mistake for its uncomfortable and produces bulges on all the wrong places.

These four are just some of the many things guys should never wear. Now that you read them, raid your closet and throw out the things that will only make you look funny and ridiculous.


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