Leadership in Sports and Learning To be A Captain

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Without a strong leader the team will undoubtedly fail.

Here is a list of 10 traits all team captains should have:


1. Be honest with your team and respect all those involved, both players and coaches alike.

2. Empower the classic line: Lead By Example.

3. Show more love of the game then others, be as enthusiastic as possible.

4. You need to be approachable, your fellow teammates need to feel comfortable talking to you

5. Set a good example off the field as well.

6. Don’t fear confrontation, if someone isn’t pulling his or her weight let them know.

7. Try to handle issues in house among your team before escalating the issue to coaching staff.

8. Stay grounded and never lose your temper.

If you follow these basic guidelines you will be a successful captain I assure you.


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