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How To Be A Great Lover

How To Be A Great Lover

Spanish men are the greatest lovers after a recent survey replacing the top position of Italian men in the last survey. Maybe these senoritos are not only hot but they sizzle. Could Spanish men compete with the greatest lover in the world at all time- the Italian, Giacomo Casanova? Look at the dictionary and the name, Casanova, means a playboy, a lover, a philanderer, a gigolo or a seducer.

Giacomo Casanova

His mother was a promiscuous actress who had lovers all over the European circle. Casanova lost his virginity at an early age. His ambition was to be a priest but instead live a most depraved life all over Italian cities.

Casanova boosted of 200 successful sexual conquests; he was a rapist and accused of battery and incest being the father of his own grandson and daughter. He deflowered many virgins and cast hem as away like ragdolls. He even elicited sexual encounter with whores and street women with STD.

His excessive charm and wit were reasons why he was idolized by many women and envied by most men who claimed that he possessed occult powers. He acquired influence and power by his own endeavor and through sheer will, and of course, his sexual prowess. He possessed the rare gift of befriending, treating them like a queen and undressing them as if they were his goddess.

After living life to the fullest, he died in June 4, 1798, at the ripe age of 73 due to sexual disease.

Rudolf Valentino

His full name was Rodolpho Alfonso Raffaelo Pierre Filbert di Valentino d’ Antonquolla. He was an Italian-born American actor who starred in several well-known silent movies. Known as the “Latin lover”,  he became a popular celebrity and a sex symbol of the’20’s. In August 23, 1926, he died at 31 from peritonitis following an operation. His death caused mass hysteria among his female fans and there were some who attempted suicide. He was married once and was divorced, He was accused of being gay but his liaison with many beautiful actresses and glamorous women contradicted the accusation.

Women loved him and considered him the epitome of romance. However, Valentino was seen as a threat to the “All American” man. Women found Valentino “triumphantly seductive” as compared to the tame, flat and impassioned love-making of husband or lover. Men copied Valentino’s look and they called his perfectly greased-back hair as “Vaselino”.

Result of greatest lover poll

The Spanish men are no 1. world lovers followed by: (2) Brazilian; (3) Italian; (4) French; (5) Irish; (6) South African; (7) Australian; (8) New Zealander; (9) Danish; and (10) Canadian. The worst lovers are: (1) pungent Germans; (2) lazy-boned English; (3) quicky Swedish; (4) domineering Dutch (5) rough Americans; (6) lovey-dovey Greeks; (7) egoistic Welsh; (8) loud-mouth Scots; (9) sweaty Turkish; and (10) hairy Russians.

Great lover qualities:

  1. Exhibits sincerity, love and appreciation for women;
  2. Joins in the sense of fun and delight in sharing the joy of sex.
  3. Does not set repertoire and goes with the flow, willing to explore new ventures and innovations.
  4. Understands and reacts properly nonverbal cues.
  5. Is nonjudgmental and interested in taking any adventure and experimentation.


In our time, Casanova and Valentino are not called great lovers but are human rights violators. Every man is a potential-great lover if he goes out of his way to please his partner.


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