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How To Get A Great Haircut

How To Get A Great Haircut

Choose the right product that’s suits you

You can ask professional advice from your barber about the hair products that befit your hair. Know your hair type because choosing the wrong hair product can disservice and damage your hair. Wax and pomade are good for the sleeker style, while clay or matte pastes are suitable for texture styles.

Measure the shape of your face

It is important to find the shape of the face because different hairstyle befits unique forms. Therefore be certain of your face shape before you get to the barbershop. Use a tape measure to measure the forehead, jawline, cheekbones and the face length to get the right shape of the face that correspond to oval, round, diamond, rectangle, and square shapes. The shape is everything when it comes to a great relaxed haircut. The choice you make when making a haircut can change the way your colleagues will look at your facial features.

Pick out the right barber

Getting the right barber that can cut your hair decently is the most challenging part of getting a haircut. The best way to get a professional hairdresser is going for the personal recommendation. Choose a barber that showcases his cuts through social media (Instagram). Build an estimable relation with your barber and always make an appointment before visiting the barbershop.

Always use the right shampoo followed by a conditioner when getting a haircut

Shampoo helps to get your hair free from dirt and reduces built up oils. Apply a small quantified amount of shampoo to your scalp and head. Finally, rub your hair ends with a conditioner. Apply it to the longest section of your hair. Implementing conditioner on your scalp instantaneously will make your hair greasy. Most men don’t use conditioner, but it’s usually helpful to smoothen the cuticles of your natural hair.


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