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How To Make A Girl Fall For You

How To Make A Girl Fall For You
Schopenhauer said falling in love is a ‘blind biological urge’ in us – love is basically an illusion which pull men and women together. Love in our mind is magical, sweet, sensational and is a symbol of happiness. But little did we know that these emotions come together with Love as a whole ‘package’. When human are able to derive positive emotions out of something, we gain satisfaction. And this satisfaction is what keep our desire alive. It’s instinctive, and we are basically slaves to our own instinct and desire (Schopenhauer called it 'Will').

We all want to be loved. If your having trouble getting the girl of your dreams to take the leap and say “I Love You”, here are a few helpful hints:

Be An Enigma 

Women do not want men that are too transparent. They also don’t normally want a man that tries to hard, buys too many gifts, sends too many flowers. Their is a balance there that you need to find. Don’t call her 10 times a day. Let her wait, wonder, and most importantly anticipate the sound of your voice. And make sure its your voice she hears and not just a text. If she likes you she like all of you, including your voice.

In the beginning there is nothing wrong with her thinking that other girls may be trying to sample the goods. Be a bit mysterious, make and then break a few dates. Let the anticipation build up, but be sure to do all of this is in a respectable matter or she will most likely head for the hills.

Does SHE deserve YOU

If she bailed after that first mystery phase then be glad she did, she wasn’t for you, and was most likely suffering from low self esteem or would have ended up being extremely high maintenance. You want…check that…you deserve a women who will want and love you for who you are. If she tries to change you, your appearance, doesn’t want you around certain people, then she does not deserve you.


Do not rush anything. Keep it calm, cool, and collective. Even when it comes to sexy time, do not rush it, Even pull back the first few times if she initiates it, let her want you more then she even knows she wants you. Then when the time is right take her, be inhibited, wild, and make sure she is left satisfied…especially that first time. Do not rush here, long extensive foreplay will be remembered. Afterwards don’t rush the next date either, give it a few days, don’t blow her off my any means but just take your time every step of the way.

Keep It Light

Women love humor, not just some women either, all women. And we’re not talking National Lampoons slapstick here. You need to be funny in a charming sort of way. Don’t hold back too much here, it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. Do something incredibly spontaneous in the middle of a brisk walk, trust me she will love it, and eventually love you too.

A Gentlemen Always Wins The Woman

This one is crucial. Most women want to be swept off their feet by a gentlemen, well dressed, well groomed, and well mannered. However if your into biker chicks or goth girls chances are they wont care as much about the appearance of the gentlemen, but I assure you they will still care about the attitude of a gentlemen. Practice this.


If the women of your dreams does happen to fall for you then please treat her amazing at all times. She deserves it and so do you.



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