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It’s All About You at Blank Label

It’s All About You at Blank Label

Blank Label, the latest entrant into the easy to wear menswear and is a valued player in the MTM or made-to-measure clothing. Blank Label has moved far beyond the world of the internet of things and introduced a new business model that allows you to actually design your own clothes as per your taste right from the fabric to every small detail.

Online shopping has made it very easy for men to buy clothes due to easy access and flexibility but there are a lot of challenges when it comes to tailored clothes. One of the most significant barriers in the process is choosing the right kind of fabric and perfectly translating the measurements with accuracy, especially the more complicated ones.

Blank Label has pattern rooms on its website that they use to give you the benefit of low price through personalized mass production. The D.C. pattern room is a fitting room cum showroom cum clubhouse. You can easily make the piece of clothing personal right from the beginning by selecting a fabric of your choice, finding the best lining and choosing various other details from a wide range of variety.

Boston is the hometown of the label and it has two more pattern rooms including Boston and Chicago apart from DC. It never takes more than two weeks for the suit to be ready for trial after you order a suite from Blank Lable. The well organized intake process ensures that the order is processed smoothly. The staff is aware of the fact that additional fittings are required in most cases.

In today’s day and age, when everybody wants it perfect without waiting for eternity, the sartorial education helps you set expectations. Sleeve length and shoulders are very important aspects of tailoring that fit properly when you order a suit from Blank Label.

It’s not very easy to correct sleeve length and shoulder fitting once the suit is ready. You might need a touch on the chest of the jacket or minor tweaking on the waist of your trousers. Alterations take two more weeks. On the whole, it’s a pleasing experience and your suit always comes out impressive in the end.

There’s a wide range of options available to get shirts, casual pants, shorts, odd jackets, sweaters, topcoats, etc tailored in such a way that they fit perfectly. The clothes are certainly not inexpensive but they are worth every penny.


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