Men In Black – Can You Pull Off An All Black Attire

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Johnny Cash did it.

Black can be everybody’s happy color. It is no longer reserved as a funeral attire or an emo get-up of a sulking teen. Every man’s closet should have a number of black pieces that he can mix and match, especially during those days when he wants to be safe and sure, but fashionable. Black monotones are not only fashionable, mind you. Black is also slimming and very versatile, too.

All-black ensembles can be worn during both casual and formal engagements and everything in between. If women can pull off an all-black attire, why not men? Take a cue from the rock icons – they wear all black clothing and they definitely look hot and fashionable.

Tips on Making a Statement in All Black

-Slip into the darker side by wearing slim-fit jeans, crew neck tee and topping it with a nice leather jacket. Of course, in all black.

-Be stylishly black by wearing different textures. Try a pair of denim jogger with a shiny tee, and you can have a suede bomber jacket on, too.

-If your ensemble is as simple as a plain black tee and jogger pants, you can try wearing your statement with a pair of fashionable sneakers, such as black Air Force 1s or Old School Vans. Nike Air Max is also a good choice.

-Plain and simple ensemble can be upgraded with black accessories, too. Wear an oversized black watch and wayfarers for an upgrade minus the effort.

-For formal events, pulling off an all-black thing can be challenging. But, don’t worry, it can be done. Textured pieces and subtle patterns can make a statement, without making you look like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movie. For example, pair a dress shirt with tiny windowpane checks with a charcoal suit. The possibility is endless. Just make sure to keep the patterns and textures subtle.


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