Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

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We all have a few things in our closet we know we shouldn’t have anymore. A favorite shirt from a decade ago that just isn’t in anymore, or a pair of shoes we just can’t seem to part with. We age and we grow, as does our style and fashion trends, but sometimes we just can’t let go of the past. Whatever the case, here are a few examples of what not to wear, not anymore, under any circumstances.


This came back briefly in the early 2000’s, but it went out just as quickly. Your not and will never be Frank Sinatra and we aren’t in the 1920’s anymore. Ditch it.


There is a very basic rule here. Unless you are in the army then anything you would normally wear on a hunting, hiking, or camping trip should not be worn in your everyday life.

Socks & Sandals

I’m not even going to explain this one. It’s been a no no forever, and I don’t think that even Tom Cruise has enough star power to make this a trend if he tried.

Shiny Silky Shirts

No. No. Oh wait….No. On women it can be very very sexy, on men it screams “I have a hairy chest and wear lots of gold.”

Holes In Your Shirts

This is only currently accepted in jeans, shirts with holes belong in one place, the garbage.

Offensive Shirts

Wearing a sexist or offensive shirt has no benefits what so ever accept to let everyone know your a jerk and you don’t care who knows it.

They Don’t Fit

Too baggy does not work, too tight certainly doesn’t work.

Jewelry Overkill

A nice watch works, one ring sure, even a fashionable bracelet or chain can work. But that’s it. And do yourself and everyone else a favor, don’t wear them all at once.



Once you turn 12, the cargo pants should be retired never to return.


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