Men’s Must Have Colognes

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One of the things that make a certain look work is if it was accompanied with the right scent. Men perfumes are more important than what some may think. They still work as an accessory, a fashion statement that moves by emitting enticing scents that can elevate the overall outfit into killer status. This year alone, a bunch of renowned perfume manufactures have already released various scents that is extremely worth it of a sniff or two.  But before you head out and buy one take a quick look first at some of the best men perfumes you should try.

Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum

  • This marks the company’s first try at turning one of their signature perfumes into Eau De Parfum. Burberry Eau De Parum was designed to have a much sensual scent than its previous version. Components like Patchouli, cinnamon and amber upping intensified the smell, making it a scent that she will never ever be able to resist. It will be available this coming April at a price of £52 for 50ml.

Frederic Malle Outrageous

  • This unisex scent was made by famous perfumer, Sophia Grojsman.  Made up of citrusy and vibrant undertones, the Outrageous is definitely perfect for the summer. It has a zesty feel to it that will make you look for a beach or some cool activity under the sun.

Bois Morocain

  • Made by one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Tom Ford. This unique smell was inspired by the remarkable culture of Morocco. It has spicy components and warm undertones which are said to be perfect for guys who are into woody yet fresh scents.

Those are just some of the perfumes you really need to have in the collection. Although many are still unmentioned, these three will never do you wrong.


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