Misconceptions of Dating Gorgeous Women

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Dating a beautiful woman is a dream coming to reality. Most men have a phobia of approaching tall gorgeous blondes or curvaceous brunettes, or that attractive red-head. Fear of  rejection is one reason plus some other misconceptions associated with dating a lovely woman. Let’s analyze how true these misconceptions are.

  1. Beautiful women prefer rich men

Maybe Cinderella prefers her Prince Charming from the average commoner. Just because your bank account is lean, your car is not Lamborghini and you are not the CEO of your company, you have no right to go out with a beautiful woman!  Wrong. Those are sights for husband material. It is only a date, no big deal.You don’t have to be in the millionaire’s club to date a pretty girl; confidence in yourself will see you through..

  1. Lovely dates bore a hole in your pocket

They are the minority. Not true. If you have budget for a great date, your lovely partner will enjoy your company not a luxurious ambiance. Many winsome lassies are simple and realistic. You are wise and could easily sniff a gold digger.

  1. Pretty ladies only go out with suave men

Only James Bond with license to kill (women in bed) has the option to pick up a chick. False assumption. No need for you to be suave and sleek to date a pretty lady. Confidence in yourself and gentlemanly ways are traits that the opposite sex admires.

  1. The lovely Barbie only goes out with handsome

Barbie and Ken were made for each other and people are not dolls. A rocker with 6-pack abs and a sophisticated siren area  good-looking team but only in Tinsel Town. This is not true, for many good-looking gals prefer to go out with men who truly enjoy their company.

  1. Stunning chicks are egocentric

Pretty ladies are self-centered and always want to be the center of attention. This is partly true but majority of slick chicks are not aware of their looks. They enjoy dating with guys who is a good conversationalist with a sense of humor. Topics are relevant and help her learn new things.

  1. Playing hard-to-get with a pretty woman

If it means not being easy, then it’s the prerogative of every pretty or ugly woman to show that she has dignity. The truth of the matter is that many damsels are friendly and know what they want. If they are hard on you, they don’t like you. There is nothing wrong by being honest.

  1. Most babes prefer the royal treatment

Many men believe that all lovely gals want to be pampered and served hands and foot. Out on dates, a man must look after the welfare of the fairer sex. They deserve your attention and care. It does not mean that they want a queenly treatment. In reality, most women like to be treated as what every woman.

  1. A beautiful lady is too complicated to be understood

All women, a beauty or not, are too complicated to be understood. Each one has her own way of acting and thinking. Understanding a person is the only option for you if you want to know her better.


If you have the urge to ask a lovely woman for a date, go ahead. No use holding back. Maybe she just as interested to go out with you as you are with her!


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