Mountain Climbing For The Beginner

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Mountain climbing is a very exciting experience for most men. However, mountain climbing must be taken seriously since it is considered a dangerous activity. Inexperienced mountaineers may encounter dangers like getting lost, falling off cliffs, hunger and stumbling upon wild animals. All of these may cause injuries and even loss of life if they are not well prepared. Here is a list of what beginner mountaineers should prepare.

  • Find an experienced mountaineer buddy: The first thing to do before making plans on mountain climbing is to look for someone with enough knowledge to accompany the trip. Having an experienced mountaineer will serve as a guide and a teacher during the climb.
  • Mountain Rating: Having a knowledge about mountain scaling can determine the difficulty of mountain climbing. It gives information on the off tracks of the trail and dangers that might come across.
  • Food Rations: This is to ensure that climbers have the energy to reach the goal and come back to the base. This is considered one of the most important factors tat climbers should take note.
  • Map: Maps should always be in the men’s stash during the climb. It will determine their location and paths to traverse. It will also help them find their way if ever they get lost.
  • Mountaineering Equipment: This consists of tents, ropes, hooks, compass and other essentials that are needed during the climb. Different mountains have different equipment sets needed, adjust accordingly.
  • First Aid Kit: This consists of bandages, gauzes, pain relievers, tapes, medications. The preparation of the First Aid Kit is advisable for climbers in order to treat probably injuries and infections that they might encounter.

Other Advices: Men should never attempt to climb a mountain alone if they are beginners. Search for groups and persons who have the same mountain target and try to join. This will prevent the worst case scenarios in which the climber might become injured when alone in the mountain and unable to ask for help.


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