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What You Need To Know About Wearing A Belt

What You Need To Know About Wearing A Belt

Men’s fashion is a tricky subject. The options available are not as many as those available to women yet they are expected to be on top of their game at all times. What you wear says a lot about who you are. Your choice of color for example could speak volumes about your current mood while your shoes could be a telltale about your social status. When putting together an outfit we often concentrate on the color of shirt, pants, a sweater and, or coats that we wear. Little attention is however paid to the belt yet this single piece of clothing has the potential to make or break your carefully put together outfit. Incorporating a belt into your outfit is not just about wearing it; it is how you wear it that matters. Here are a few rules to guide you on how to wear your belt appropriately.

Rule 1: Mind The Material

Belts come in a wide variety of materials from the traditional leather belts to the cloth variety. These materials do not work with every outfit. Leather belts are best paired with leather shoes and should be of the same color as the shoe. Same case applies to suede belts. Canvas belts are best suited for a more casual look that involves wearing sneakers.

Rule 2: What Size Is it?

The size of the belt will determine the type of trousers it is paired with. Narrow belts work well with chinos, dress pants and dark colored denims while wider ones work best with cargo shorts and pants as well as denims that are light in color.

Rule 3: How Long Should It Be?

The length of your belt should be such that it comfortably fits around your waist and allows enough room for the tip of the belt to go through the loop. To ensure you get this right, purchase a belt that is two sizes bigger than your waist size. This will allow you comfortably fasten your belt and leave room (about two holes) for the tip to go through the loop with ease.

Rule 4: Belted or Beltless

The choice to go beltless depends on the fit of your clothes. When you have perfectly fitting clothes then the belt is more of a fashion statement than it is a functional piece. This rule however only applies to tailored suits. Casual looks must always be paired with the right belt.


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