Popular PC Games

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The current lineup of games consists of Role Playing Games, Adventure and Exploration, First Person Shooting game, Building, and Multi Online Battle Arena. These games bring mental challenge that makes it popular for men. It stimulates their brain to think of ways to solve puzzles and win over opponents. Gaming has become such a phenomenon as of late many are even making a career of it.  These are currently the most popular among the bunch.

Dark Souls 3: This game is extremely hard which challenges the eye and hand coordination. The frustration of dying over and over again enhances the player’s mind by finding out how to overcome obstacles.

No mans sky: It is a space exploration game that involves finding new planets. The goal of this game is to conquer planets which imply dominance of men. Players can name the planets that they find, but only if the player is the first one to find it.

Over watch: This first person shooting game promotes competition among men. The feeling of dominating real live opponents is the most rewarding thing in this game. It enhances eye and hand coordination.

Dota2/ LOL: These two are the most popular among the genre of MOBA. They have been around for half a decade and the number of men playing are still increasing. The character customization and the thrill players feel when they defend and fight the opposite players makes these games fun and exciting. Men find this interesting to play due to multi-functional system upgrades.

Mine Craft: This game is a mini universe of its own. Men who love to make designs and structures love this game because it enhances their creativity and imagination. The game is interesting due to its versatility and functionality


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