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Some Dating Advice For Guys

Some Dating Advice For Guys

When it comes to dating, men can be sometimes clueless. You may have every bit of confidence, but still wouldn’t know what to do, especially if you really want to impress her. Here is some simple and helpful dating advice:

  1. Be yourself. This is particularly crucial if you are meeting the lady for the first time. If, for example, you met online, make sure to introduce yourself ‘as is’ while still online. Being yourself both offline and online can make the woman think that you are an honest person and this will make her trust you easily.
  2. Act like a gentleman. Well, if you aren’t one, forget about dating. Every man should know how to treat a woman the same way as you treat your mom, sister, or daughter. Being well-mannered is necessary, as well as being respectful, not only in your words, but in your actions, too.
  3. Be thoughtful. A woman’s feelings must be considered at all times. If you like to keep a woman, then you have to make sure you keep connected to her, even in between dates. Let her know that you are thinking about her even if you are not together. A simple phone call, text or a social media message should do the trick.
  4. Be honest. If, in case, you do not plan to see her for a second date, do not leave her hanging. Be honest and tell her politely that you think it wouldn’t work for both of you. You may tell her that you did not feel anything romantic towards her during your first date. Don’t give her false hopes, which can eventually hurt her more.

Regardless if you are a “traditional” or “modern” dater, you must keep these things in mind. Remember, even if you think you are living in a modern world, it doesn’t mean that you will forget how to be nice, respectful, and honest. No woman would like that.



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