Some Tips For Guys Going On That First Date

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Believe it or not, dating is much more complicated than we initially thought it is. When you go on a date with your prospective partner, of course you’ll want to impress her. However,  doing it the wrong way could be the ultimate deciding factor whether a second date will happen or not. Aside from all the things you should remember when it comes to the things you wear and how you’re going to present yourself, a few advices on the attitude department could also help you in the long run. With that being said, here are some of the things you should keep in mind in order for you to have a successful first date.

  • Always Be A Gentleman
  • Many girls are now accustomed to the thinking that most guys are now only dating for the sole purpose of sex. Being a gentleman can separate you from the rest. Do little things such as picking her up from her place, opening doors for her and helping her sit on a chair. Thought it may not seem much, trust me it will go a long way.
  • Show Up On Time
  • Being late on your first date is a huge turn off for many ladies out there. Do your best to come earlier or on actual time in order to show that you are very interested in her.
  • Stay In Your Budget
  • It’s only your first date, don’t spend too much money on her yet. Opting for a restaurant that is financially comfortable with you can help in making her see your limits. Pushing yourself to go for expensive things even if you can’t avoid them will only make her think you’re a huge shot. And presenting yourself as someone that you haven’t been is a huge No-No.
  • Don’t Take Things So Fast
  • Keep that thing in your pants, bro. No girl would ever fall for a first-date-third-base kind of guy. Be gentle, it’s all about the waiting game. And don’t kiss her unless she tells you to.


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