Slowing Down The Aging Process

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Growing old is natural. It isn’t anything to dread. The good news is that signs of aging can be minimized. Studies have explained why and how to to slow them down.

Tell-tale Signs – Dark Skin Patches

No use denying about your age when patches of dark skin confirmed it. Men in their work and play love to stay under the sun for the excessive effect of its ultra-violet rays pepper young-looking skin with patches that turned dark. This sign is certainly a dead ringer for aging.

Skin specialists explained that these dark spots may even start appearing at age 25 but in full swing at 40. Good prevention is to away from the untoward effects of sun’s deadly rays by frequent application of a sun protector or sun block at all times. You can buy this from any drug or family store.

Recent studies discovered the link between traffic air pollution and dark spots as the persistent inflammation resulting from polluted air causes changes of unwanted pigmentation. A healthy diet of food with omega oil and antioxidants will go a long way in augmenting the defensive mechanisms of the skin.

Three tell-tale hair signs of aging

  1. Baldness

Male pattern baldness aka MPB is the hair loss problem affecting more than 95% of the male population as it is not exclusively an aging problem. The causes are: genetic or blame it on your family genes genetics and associated with of male sex hormones called androgens not going its function. Others factors are due to wrong medication, poor health and faulty diet. Many old men are bald for the same reasons and the process of aging.

  1. Thinning Hair

Men’s hair starts to fall and becomes thin so they resort to all kinds of remedies that are not only expensive but ineffective. There are very few remedies medically proven to work and/or readily accessible. A recent drug called minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and the only medically proven treatment; however, it is costly and requires continuous use. Hair extensions or wigs might make hair look fuller. The best cut to camouflage thinning hair is the classic short back and sides with a bit of texture added to the top.

  1. Greying Hair

Watching hair turning from black to grey is a natural aging process that is inevitable. Stress is apparently a big cause of this. From worrying about losing your job to the importance of your credit score. But their are solutions. Hair coloring can be a good remedy; however for men, the process is tedious plus, unprofessional dye-job makes hair look unnatural. A professional hair dresser uses coloring to transform grey hair to black but the effect is only temporary. Enjoy the trend as silver hair in men adds to their sex appeal. Look at George Clooney!

Tell-tale sign – Wrinkles

Male’s skin tends to age more slowly than a woman for it is thick and contains rich collagen. But facial wrinkles are aging signs and look unbecoming. It is become more pronounced when men hit their 40’s. And as age creeps in, the lines are more and deeply etched.

To prevent lines and wrinkles, young men and older ones must limit their in-take of sweets, cut down on alcoholic drinks, stop smoking, reduce stress and avoid sun exposure for these make skin lose its elasticity and plumpness.

Aging is an unavoidable sign and part-and-parcel of being alive so there is no use fretting about it. Grow old gracefully by acknowledging changes and searching for and doing meaningful activities to continue its smooth process.


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