Sporting A Six Pack

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Many aspire for a six pack of abs for many reasons. You may have spent time acquiring the figure but so far, there are no positive results. Do you know that an aerobic workouts burn calories but not build six pack abs. Change your regimen and follow a strict diet program to get the desired result.

Men aspire for and women want their men to sport a six-pack. This awesome development is one sheet of muscle, called the rectus abdominis. It stretches from ribcage to the pubic bone. Many abs-specific exercises will work on the whole area. However, your six pack abs has three supports: the external oblique, the internal obliques and erector spinae.

Ways to acquire six abs:

  1. Start eliminating that body fat! After performing thousands of crunches a week and no abs appear, your excess body fat is hiding from view. For that expected six abs, the body fat ratio in your body must be less than 10%. If above this ratio, burn off excess fat by doing cardio and weight lifting.
  2. Do more work out. Crunches are good but not enough. Gym instructors will tell you that crunches to the max are not enough to build that six abs. Crunches will tone down your muscles but it don’t work the lower abs enough. You need to do other workout routine. Some of the best exercises recommended: Crunch; Dumbbell Side Bends; Lying Bicycles, Seated Jackknife and Twisting Crunch.
  3. Don’t rush – give your abs a rest. Overdoing your exercise will not bring you nearer your goal; in fact might ruin your gains. Your muscles need time to rest and grow. Do abs exercises once every three days. No more or less.
  4. Go for broke. Gradually add difficulty of your workout since muscles follow their own principle. Called progressive resistance, muscles will develop by slowly increasing the difficulty of the workout needs. You have to increase the amount of the weight, up the level of pressure applied, and add the number of exercises done.
  5. Protein-rich diet. You need tons of protein so shift to food that includes beans, cheese, eggs, fish, lentils, nuts, meat, seeds, tofu and yogurt, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Protein is you ally as it builds lean muscle and helps burn body fat. When  the body burns, lots of calories are breaking the protein in your system down. Your body uses fuel to burn in order to create that six-pack. Fill your tummy with lots of protein before working out, then follow it up with carbohydrates for your post-workout meal.

Six pack abs is easy to acquire; so plan and stick to the program no matter what. Then look at your image in the mirror and say hello to that guy with 6 abs.


  1. Before starting the exercise, consult your health provider;
  2. Proper nutrition is observed by regular intake of vitamins and supplments;
  3. Do abs workout;
  4. Do weights to increase your body and muscles mass;
  5. Aerobic exercises will help you get that six pack abs;
  6. Water is a great drink;
  7. Get good sleep & rest; and
  8. Proper healthy diet




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