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Surfing 101

Surfing 101

The word “surf” means to ride a wave of water, so for this reason surfers is often called wave riders. Surfing is one of the most thrilling things to do during an outdoor vacation. Holding the surfboard while running from the shore and then riding a big wave gives a very invigorating sensation. This excitement alone makes if a popular outdoor activity for men. There are some dangers in surfing like drowning, cramping and getting washed away, but this doesn’t stop male enthusiasts from surfing. Tropical countries and places can enjoy surfing whole year round while temperate places can enjoy it half as much.

          When and where to surf: Individuals tend to ride the waves ranging from three feet to a towering 20 feet in order to successfully surf and pull some stunts. The size of a wave is mostly determined by the weather. It is better to go towards the beaches on windy days to ensure that waves are big enough for surfing. Be warned to observe the size of waves because going over the limits might lead to drowning. Check the weather of the area before the trip just to be safe.

Good things about surfing: The good thing about surfing is that you will only need to spend once for surfing equipment like the surf board. The gear is mainly composed of the board and the wetsuit. Surfing equipments are also few, thus making it easier for surfers to buy. Riding through the waves and making stunts will improve balance. It will also increase swimming skills while developing respiratory and cardiovascular strength while running through the sand will promote leg muscles. The best reason among these is that surfers can attract women’s attention in the beach.


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