How To Take Beautiful Photos

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Life is made up of tiny little moments that build up to form the various experiences we record in memory. Taking beautiful photos of these beautiful moments is the only way we can freeze time and remain in these moments indefinitely. The art of photography is no longer assigned to the selected few members in society. With technology allowing you to have high quality cameras on your mobile devices anyone has the capability of taking breathtaking images of people, places and moments. Capturing beautiful images is however much more than a point and shoot affair. There are some general rules that apply to photography that professionals and amateurs alike must adhere to.

The Rule Of Thirds

A good photo is a balanced photo. Depending on the goal of taking the photo and your preferred style of photography you want to give equal chance to all elements within a photo to be able to be seen clearly. This is where the rule of thirds applies. This rule basically allows you to divide your image into three portions and position it in such a way that the subject occupies the mid section. This allows for ample space in which to capture what is going on in the immediate proximity of the subject.

How Much Light Is Too Much Light?

Lighting is an important factor to a good photo. This is not to mean that good photos are synonymous with bright photos. You want your photos to be bright enough to clearly show all the details of that particular moment but not too bright that some of the detail is lost in the brightness. When shooting outdoors for example, ensure that your subject is facing the sun as this helps to illuminate it (this applies to both people and objects). Change the exposure settings of your camera device to suit the mood you are hoping to create with your photo.

Keep It As Natural As Possible

This especially applies when taking photos of people and in the post production stage (the editing bit). The best time to take photos of people especially in an events setting is when they are engaged in normal activity such as conversation or when laughing. Finding people in their most natural element results in some of the most beautiful photos ever taken. When it comes to the editing bit, avoid using too many filters or over sharpening the image as this makes people look plastic and takes away from their authenticity


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