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The Art of Fishing

The Art of Fishing

Fishing for men has a lot of advantages. It has been a source of food and income during the last thousands of years. It was both a profession and an enjoyment that brings people closer to the sea. Its essence was to develop patience through waiting and execute reeling techniques at the right time. The combination of technique, tools and knowledge about fish is needed for a successful catch. Being simple yet complex at the same time is the reason why men love fishing.

Benefits of fishing

  • Eases mental tension and promotes body relaxation.
  • Knowledge will increase about different types of fish.
  • It can become a source of food and income.
  • It improves arm strength and muscles from frequent angling.

Fishing techniques: A fisher needs to apply different types of techniques and methods in order to catch fish. Learning these methods will not only increase the chances of catching, it will also provide more information about fish behavior that is essential for all fishers.

  • Hand Fishing: This is composed of catching methods with the use of the hands. Examples of these methods are pearl diving, noodling, flounder tramping, trout binning and tickling.
  • Netting: This method is composed using different kinds of nets to fish. Currently the main method of commercial fishing in catching large amounts of fish.
  • Angling: This is method is used for catching fish one at a time by the use of a hook attached to a line with a lure intact.
  • Trapping: This method of fishing involves a deeper understanding of fish behavior. Setting traps according to the movement of fish will successfully land a catch. The different trapping methods are fishing weir, fish wheel, and lobster traps.
  • Other types of fishing: There are unconventional ways to fish, but it is not advisable. Fishing with the use of animals like dolphins is a good example. There are also destructive type of fishing which is illegal such as, dynamite and cyanide fishing for example.


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