The Dreaded Vasectomy: Pros and Cons

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Vasectomy is one of the most effective ways of contraception for men. The procedure is done by cutting the vas deferens and then sealing them with a surgical procedure. When done successfully, the testicles will no longer have the ability to transfer sperm because the vas deferens has been severed. This surgical procedure can be finished in more or less 30 minutes.


  • This procedure has a very low failure rate, which is 0.15%. 1 or 2 out of 2000 women will get pregnant upon the application of the surgery.
  • Pleasure from sex is not affected by vasectomy. Men can still produce the same amount of seminal fluid even without the sperm.\
  • Vasectomy is much safer than tubal ligation in women.
  • It is a very cost effective way of contraception.
  • It is semi permanent. It can be undone if the patient wants to rejoin this vas deferens again.


  • It takes time to empty the remaining sperm after the operation. Two or three months of sperm count monitoring will be done to ensure that the vasectomy has succeeded.
  • It doesn’t protect the person from sexual transmitted diseases. The thought of the inability to make a woman pregnant will encourage the person to unprotected sex which may lead to STD.
  • If the person wants to rejoin his vas deferens, a much more difficult surgery is needed. It will take a long time to regain the lost number of sperm count after the reconnecting of the vas deferens.
  • Reversal of vasectomy is very expensive and has a chance to fail. In case of a failed reversal, the sperm count won’t rise even after the reversal surgery. Men would have to try vitro fertilization if he finally wants to have a child with his partner.


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