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Things To Remember When Dating A Cougar

Things To Remember When Dating A Cougar

Thanks to TV shows like Cougar town and other movies that depict younger men dating older women, the concepts of cougars exploded like dynamite and became very famous in today’s pop culture. Contrary to what some might think, not all cougars are looking for young and hot man candy that they can hop on each night. Some are looking for actual love. Dating a cougar may look hot because it’s trendy, but if you’re looking for serious love and you want to keep one around then you should know what you can and cannot do in order to keep the relationship going.

On that note, the following are some of the tips you can follow to do all the right things when dating a cougar. Keep these in mind and you will be with them for a long time. Are you ready? Let’s go.

  • Be Honest & Don’t Do It For The Money
  • Cougars are experienced, intelligent and well established ladies that have already gone through a lot in life. They can sense whether you’re being dishonest or unsure of your life dreams. They wanted to be pampered and treated like a Queen, they don’t want to be a babysitter to a gold-digging dude.
  • Shower Her With Compliments
  • Cougars may come off as very confident women, but sometimes, they still need to be told that they are beautiful in order for them to feel like it. You have to make her feel good about herself.
  • Be Mature
  • Present yourself as an intelligent young man. Don’t act irresponsible. Cougars are already older; don’t wait for them to act like a mother to you. You’re a guy, you need to step up and make her feel younger. Not the other way around.

These are the things you need to know when dating a cougar. Remember this and you will surely get to keep the woman of your dreams.


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