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List of Our 5 Fav Action-Comedy Buddy Films

List of Our 5 Fav Action-Comedy Buddy Films

You will hard pressed to find a guy that doesn’t like most of if not all of the movies on this list. So ladies if you read this, pay attention.

Lethal Weapon

This may very well be the movie franchise that gave birth to the buddy action comedy genre. Who didn’t love Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in this film. 4 movies, 20 years alter later and Glover still hadn’t retired.

Rush Hour

Bringing martial arts expert Jackie Chan in to pair up with wise cracking Chris Tucker was a risky move, but it more then paid off. the 3 movies in the franchise have brought in over half a billion dollars in North America alone. A part 4 is rumored, and considering Tuckers career, or lack there of we hope for his sake their is one.

Bad Boys

This was early on in the career of the now power house Will Smith. He broke on to the big screen as he lit up one of his cigars after defeating an alien in the hugely successful Indepandance Day. But Michael Bay’s pairing of him with comedian Martin Lawerence was winning. Part 2 was just as good and we now have a part 3 in the works to look forward to.

Men in Black

Again Will Smith makes the list. This time paired with the dead pan unlikeley comedy of screen legend Tommy Lee Jones. Together they fought off aliens not once, not twice, but 3 times, the third time being a tad too repetitive in this case of sequels.

21 Jumpstreet

This classic television reboot was an unlikely success story that proved most of us wrong. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum just worked. 22 Jump Street was equally as entertaining, and if Jonah can keep his weight in check perhaps we will get to see 23.



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