Top 10 Male Sports That Women Find The Sexiest

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In a sinful survey that tickles a woman’s racy side, Victoria Milan has revealed what a survey on women ready to cheat has shown. They were asked to give their opinion on which male sports they find the sexiest. I share with you what I find sexy and not so sexy in them. So let’s check out the male sports that make women swoon.

  1. Surfing

This sport takes the first place beating the others hands down. Bare-bodied men with bulging muscles and a sexy tan are irresistible for women. That’s what surfing is all about. It’s a mesmerizing sight of manliness as the surfers fight through the waves with their chiseled bodies.

  1. Football

Football might not be your thing, but you can’t deny that it does have some gorgeous men. After all, even the super sexy Gisele Bundchen surrendered to their charm and got hitched to one. With even Gisele having fallen for a footballer, need I say more about how sexy football can get?

  1. Swimming

This sport has men with bodies like the Greek sculpting masterpieces by Michelangelo. Swimming does give you a perfect shapely body. I notice the sigh that girls would take every time the gorgeous Matt Biondi would plunge into the pool.

  1. Baseball

This is a sport with a man even Kate Upon couldn’t help drooling over. Few can match up to the raw manliness of Justin Verlander. The men in baseball give you an adrenaline rush as the sport itself does.

  1. Tennis

The grunts! That’s sexy manliness screaming out! Here’s a sport that stretches the men to the extremes of physical and mental endurance. The men here are amazingly fit. It’s just the grimace on their faces they make when they hit the ball. That’s a big Turn-on!

  1. Formula 1

Those screaming cars! With the men in those cars having to fight extreme g-force, Formula 1 is an ultimate test of strength. The sport oozes manliness and the men sure are sexy.

  1. Rugby

A raw display of power and strength, the men in rugby are sexy hunks with rippling muscles. It’s just those ghastly injuries I don’t like one bit.


  1. Basketball

Tall men have always left women weak in the knees. That should’ve made basketball a runaway winner. Not really. That’s because the limbs often look too short.

  1. Golf

It’s just the relaxed way they go about it. The casuals they are in make them look uber-cool. It is sexy, but the lack of aggression puts you off at times.

  1. Athletics

All of them do have shapely bodies and rippling muscles, but which sport do you watch? You find men jumping, leaping, running; you are left pretty confused.


Those sexy men of sports are truly irresistible. It’s not just their bodies but the amazing money they make. It’s a sight to behold when they are shirtless and wet. A tan makes them all that more desirable. I have given you the sports. Quick, pick one and get in shape to leave your date floored.


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