7 Online Dating Facts

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There was a time you were almost embarrassed to tell friends or relatives you met your girlfriend online, but nowadays its practically the norm.

Here are 8 interesting things about online dating.

1. Internet dating is a global industry that brings in nearly 2 billion dollars a year in revenue

2. The giant in online dating Match.com released figures stating that 1/3rd of women on the site found a long term relationship, another 1/3rd found short term ones, and the remaining third simply gave up.

3. 90% of single parents want to date other single parents

4. Women with photos receive triple the interest

5. Men that list their income as more then $250,000 a year get about double the likes then under $50 000

6. When it comes to online dating, men’s biggest fear is that the women will turn out to be fat, while women fear something a tad more serious, serial killers

7. As of 2016, it’s been reported that approximately 50% of all relationships are formed online in one way or another



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