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Top Summer Style Staples That Every Guy Should Have

Top Summer Style Staples That Every Guy Should Have

Summer is right around the corner. And do you know what that means? Yes, it’s time to update your wardrobe so you can remain stylish despite the change of season. Gone are the days when spring and its cooler temperature allowed you to wear long sleeves and jackets on a normal sunny day. Summer is here, and with its high temperature and warm winds, you will surely be forced to change your style so you’ll feel more comfortable in the hot weather.

Sure, you already survived a couple of summers and you may already know what clothes are trendy this season. But just in case you need a refresher, listed below are some of the most stylish summer essentials you must have.

  • Glasses, no Sunglasses
  • Dude, one of the first things that can make or break your summer look is the glasses. Aside from the fact that they protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun, it can also be used to complete an excellent summer attire. Wayfarers are a good choice, especially during this season.
  • Board Shorts
  • Summer is also the biggest excuse for guys to remain shirtless most of the time. And since that is the case, you need  a good pair of board shorts. Avoid buying those overly colorful ones unless you want to attract unwanted attention. Also, do not buy board shorts that are too revealing for you. Maybe even throw on a stylish summer vest to complete the look.
  • Polo Shirts That Fit You Perfectly
  • Wearing a polo shirt that fits your body perfectly is a great way of making you come across as naturally stylish. Wearing loose-fitted or wrong-fitted Polo shirts are very unflattering and can make you look thinner than you actually are. There is also the possibility of sweating more because of it and might cause uncomfortable feeling.


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