“Train to Busan” – A Great Little Zombie Movie

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The movie “Train to Busan” is one of those hard to produce movies that rarely go out in the cinema. The movie has earned lots of good reviews from viewers during its first screening. Movie critics such as Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie an overwhelming score of 93 percent, while Metatrific gave it a passing 73 percent for content.

The whole movie is never boring. It is full of exhilarating moments that will keep the viewers watching till the end. Special effects and CGI are applied nicely to enhance the viewing experience of those who are watching. The actors did a nice job with their acting which makes the audience feel the danger happening on the train. Actors for zombies have realistic body movements and sounds that make them seem real. The hazardous scenes are well placed and have the right amount. The phasing of the movie is just enough so it doesn’t feel that it is hurried or lacking in time. The movie stays true to its plot by having the audience feel the protagonist’s means of making decisions. The supporting characters have enough dialogues for the viewers to know their importance in the movie. The ending is also superb; its plot is unique compared to most Zombie films. The plot heavily revolves around human compassion whilst the danger’s happening around that will cause anyone to lose humanity just for survival.

“Train to Busan” is worthwhile to watch despite some critics. Movies akin to this can set a standard in the Zombie film genre. It proves that films within this genre is more than just killing zombies and surviving. It demonstrates that it is possible to put moral lessons and other elements in the movie to make it more sensible for the audience to enjoy watching.


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