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Trending Hairstyles

Trending Hairstyles
  1. Slicked back– Best suitable for men with straight hair. The sides and the back of your head need to be tapered and evenhandedly compact. The hair is normally blow-dried back to make an appealing hairstyle.
  2. Buzz cut– A very popular short haircut in which the hair is lopped near the head skin with a razor. Usually best for receding thin line of the hair and appear effective with some fading.
  3. Comb over haircut- Suitable for men with wavy hair. The hair is keenly combed to the side of the head using a pomade to give you a nice wet looking finish. A twist can be added to the style to go along with any look. The hair is combed over the side and grown long to cover the side part.
  4. Pompadour hairstyle– This style is put on with short sides, with a swept backward and upwards hair. Blow dry your hair after cleaning it then apply pomade and finely tune pompadour.
  5. Side parted haircut– Very popular in 2016 and has an endless look that will make you look more appealing at any time of the year with all type of appareling. It is a silky side parting with a side and back head shave.
  6. Fresh undercut– It is common with celebrity and goes on to be a hot trend. It gives you different look with one haircut. The hair cut is done where you can back slick your hair, disentangle it and hold it with pomade. To get a decent undercut hairstyle, you should keep your hair short or let it grow to a medium level.
  7. Brushed up– It is a very simple and a refreshing Quif haircut. The hair is lifted up and rather than having a forelock. The sides of your head are trimmed short.


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