Home Dating Unraveling the Dating Realities With Younger Women!

Unraveling the Dating Realities With Younger Women!

Unraveling the Dating Realities With Younger Women!

How many years should the woman you date be younger than you? 3 years? 5 years? 15 years? Should you date someone within your age group? Dating experts have no definite answer when it comes to how many years younger should your ideal dating partner be. Men active on the dating circuits have revealed that sometimes dating a younger woman means you are with your own kid. Of course, there are older men dating much younger women. They console themselves with the fact that she is mature for her age. But the truth is she really? Or are they egotistically in it just for the sex- think about it?

Maturity Is the Key

Is she emotionally mature or immature? This is the question you must ask yourself when you are dating a younger woman. Is she mature for her age? Can both of you have interesting conversation with each other besides hitting the bed? If you really want to make dating a younger woman work, think about how you feel when you are talking with her. Does she make you feel like a dad more than a partner? Has she lived through what you have been through? Do you enjoy her company and vice versa? These are just of the questions you must ask yourself before proceeding to the next levels of your relationship.

Don’t Make Sex the Key Determining Factor

Sex clouds judgement. In fact, you will fail to build a long-term relationship with physical intimacy alone. If you are looking for real compatibility, brush all those mushy thoughts about being in bed with a younger woman aside and get down to serious brainstorming. Age is just a number and getting lost in facts and figures won’t help in choosing a life partner.

Navigating the Ups And Downs of Dating

Every human bond undergoes a series of highs and lows and dating is no exception. Are you dating a younger woman out of societal pressure? Are you really in love with her or do you just like her and the things you do together? Dig deeper and see how both of you connect with one another.

Do you feel a surge of happiness when you see her? Are the feelings mutual? Does she enjoy your company? Moreover, will she help you with stuff you might need support for later in life? Think how you both will react in such a situation. Imagine what she can say if you ask for help. This small experiment will give you amazing insights while choosing a date.

Life experiences count, so check whether she has gone through what you have. If she is too mature for you, then she will always be there to guide you with her experiences. Again, if you like her immaturity and don’t mind being her guardian angel for life, don’t fuss with the fact that you are much older than her – its win-win situation for both of you. The key here is to search your conscience fully- you sure will get all your answers there. All the best!


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